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Los Angeles STS


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New Distributors within 60 Days of Application are FREE for their 1st event  (Not Applicable to January Kickoff, LDW's and Extravaganza)

*Tickets can be purchased online or At The Door. 

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2020 Event Dates

LDW: April 17-19, 2020

May - TBA

June 13, 2020

August 22, 2020

Sept. 26, 2020

MAY STS - More information coming soon.

Jessie Helbacka-Peterson was working full time as a teacher & bartender when the Herbalife products entered her life. She grew up hearing that eating less and exercising more was the key to losing weight, but that wasn’t working for her. No matter how far she ran or how little she ate, she kept gaining weight. She saw a flier for a weight loss challenge and decided it was time to try something new and have a community and education to make a change. During that challenge, she dropped 12 pounds, 13% body fat and gained 17 pounds of muscle without changing her workouts.

Because of these amazing results, her coworkers at school kept asking her what she was doing, so she decided to copy everything she heard at the weight loss challenge and start her own. During the course of that challenge, she made MORE doing Herbalife than she did as a full time teacher. That June, due to budget cuts, Jessie found herself laid off and had a huge realization- she could keep working hard for someone else and have no control over her future, or take a chance in Herbalife and be her own boss for the rest of her life. So, Jessie picked up and moved to a new town where she new nobody and opened her first nutrition club.

Utilizing weight loss challenges, community events, and the nutrition club, Jessie built her business and shared the opportunity with hundreds of others. Now a mom of 2 with over 20 nutrition clubs in her team, Jessie is living as a present mom while once again starting in a new market. “The beautiful thing about Herbalife is you can do it anywhere and there is an incredible community around you. I am in love with this opportunity, but most of all- helping people create their own extraordinary life” 💗




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Silver VIP Seating for 5000 Documented VP in the previous month

Gold VIP Seating for 7500 Documented VP in the previous month 
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9:30  Pre-Meeting
10:00 Supervisors & Above Training.
10:55 HOM Open to Everyone
 followed by Training.